"I had J.Flowers Organizing come out to get my catch all basement organized.  I was amazed at the professional attitude and ideas she presented to me. The results were amazing!!! She not only cleared out a lot of unwanted items, but used the space that I have with such efficiency. I am able to walk around my basement and find what I am looking for!!!  Thank you very much J.Flowers Organizing!!!" -Jan

"J.Flowers Organizing came out and presented professional ideas for my office space for my business. I was very impressed with her professionalism. She purged old files and disposed of old confidential information. She made my office flow and more efficient. My space looks professional and attractive to future customers. I recommend her highly!!! Thank You" -Pippenger Farms

"When I left one career and entered life and business as an entrepreneur, there were a lot of ‘loose threads’ (read here, piles and boxes of paper!) that needed to be sorted through, and thoroughly re-organized to suit my new life, my new priorities and my ways of wanting to operate in this new mindspace and office space.  I engaged Jocelyn to help with the challenge and what I got was not just organization but insight, an understanding about what needed to happen and the tools and expertise that were absolutely necessary to making things change.   We are currently engaged in the process and things are moving forward smoothly, and delightedly, clear of the angst and procrastination that had been weighing on my mind and my time.    I’m already thinking about what we are going to tackled next.    Thanks, Jocelyn, for being much more than an organizer.   You are truly a Sanctuarian!" -Maureen
"J. Flowers Organizing was quick and efficient, they were able to turn my junk closet into a fully functional closet within minutes. There was no judgement and I was able to partake in the decision making. Receiving recommendations and explanations to why some things had to go. She is amazing! -Karla