Struggles of Organization

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Hello and welcome to “Staying Organized with The Sanctuarian Blog”.

Today’s topic is about the struggles that organizing and decluttering can bring. Choosing to declutter or organize your life and space can become stressful. Knowing how to overcome that stress is what I would like to go over today.

One of the most common struggles of organizing is dealing with the upkeep of your space once you have decluttered. If you have a busy lifestyle it can become difficult to maintain the organizational system set in place. I know this is something that even I struggle with on a consistent basis especially after working a 60 hour work week between my organizing clients and my part time teaching job. The last thing I want to do when I get home is clean and reorganize my space. There are times I just want to plop down on the couch and binge watch one of my television shows. This plan only works for so long before I then begin to stress about the clutter that has accumulated in my space. So I have recognized that as long as I stay on top of the clutter in my space at least once or twice a week I can maintain the organization without feeling overwhelmed.

Another common struggle is that you grow out of the organizational system you created when you first organized your space. As your life begins to change and you begin to grow the original system you set up may no longer be beneficial for your current lifestyle. The key is to find an organizational system that works for the needs of your life now, not what worked best five, ten or fifteen years ago. Being able to adjust and rework your organizational system as you build your life allows you to reap all the benefits of a clutter free lifestyle for the rest of your life as you choose.

Organizing and decluttering doesn’t have to be this daunting challenge or task. The most important thing you need to remember is “What do I need?’ and “How can I make that happen?”. These two questions can help you when you are in the creating stages of decluttering and organizing.

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