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Here we are halfway through winter becoming stir crazy and tired of the cold winter weather. Well what better way to prepare for spring then by decluttering your home? I know I tend to do a major overhaul on my home once a year generally during the winter because I become bored being stuck inside with nothing to do. Today I would like to share with you the process I go through each winter during my decluttering spree.

  1. The first thing I do is make a list of every area of my home that I would like to tackle in the next week. I always make sure that my bedroom is the first area on that list and here is why.

    My bedroom is my sanctuary, the place where I can escape the stresses of work, family, friends and home life. If my bedroom is cluttered I have no where to go. I start with sorting through all of my clothes into 3 different categories KEEP, DONATE, TRASH. Items that end up in the trash category are generally stained or have holes in them and are in to poor of condition to donate. Items in the donate pile are usually items that just don’t fit anymore or never worn. That leaves me with only the items that I wear most often and truly love.

  2. Secondly I add one of the 3 common areas of my apartment living room, kitchen or bathroom. When tackling either of these items I have to keep in mind the needs of my two roommates as well. When you are thinking about decluttering your home when living with others you must find a common ground that works for everyone. There will always be some growing pains when deciding to change the flow of things but in the end everyone is able to adjust.

  3. When I am decluttering each of the areas above I make sure to take my time and thoroughly go through and throw out any expired items, add items I no longer use to the donate pile and organize the remaining items allowing them to be easily accessible but neatly in their designated space.

The most important thing to remember when you decide to declutter your space is to allow yourself enough time to do it efficiently and timely to your lifestyle. Not every space you decide to declutter is going to transform in one day. Trying to make that happen is only going to make you more frustrated when it doesn’t happen. Also, make sure you keep an open mind to the possibilities that will derive from the decluttering process. By removing clutter from your space you are creating a calmer, productive and beneficial space that will help you grow to new heights.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for next weeks post “Being a Female Business Owner in a Man’s World”.



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