Being a Female business owner in world of Men.

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Good morning!

Today I would like to talk about a topic that really hits home, being a female business owner in a male dominated world. Now don’t worry I am not going to start bashing the men, but I would like to talk about the struggles I have had with networking and growing my professional organizing business J. Flowers Organizing in today’s society. First off, I would like to say that I feel extremely proud to be a Women Owned Business here in New York City. If you’ve ever visited or lived in New York City you know that it is a rat race. Everyone is always on the go without any time to spare. Now this can be great for meeting new people every chance you leave your house but as a business owner it can be quite daunting.

When I first started my business as a professional organizer I was terrified to go out and market my business to total strangers because I feared their rejection or judgment. I had this fear that I wasn’t educated enough, or old enough for people to take me serious as a business owner. It wasn’t until this past summer I attended the Bigger Game Live conference in June 2018. At this conference I knew maybe 6 people total from previous conferences out of 150 or so that were in attendance. It wasn’t until the second day of this conference that I realized I am educated enough to speak with other business owners no matter my age or number of degrees. I have a business that I am completely passionate about and with that fire I can achieve anything, even speaking to total strangers in complete confidence about my business and what I can offer my clientele.

Once I decided to jump out of my comfort zone I was able to make so many exhilarating and profound connections with people who were just as excited about learning about my business as they were sharing theirs. So by the end of this conference I decided that once I returned back to the city I would try and attend at least 2 networking events a week. Now this wasn’t an easy task at first. I learned very quickly that I had to be very selective when choosing what types of events to attend. I learned that attending co-ed networking events was very intimidating and sometimes hurtful. I attended this one networking event that was co-ed and I was sharing what I do for a living and his response was “That’s cool but what is your real job?”. Instantly this made my heart sink, I began questioning myself and my business. The sad thing is this wasn’t the first time a man has made a comment like this.

So I decided after that moment that I would search more for women’s based networking events that are full of empowered and successful women. I am so happy that I did! In the last 6 months I have made over 350 new connections with amazing women who are kicking ass in their own businesses and still supportive of other women in business. With these connections I know that I always have a support system their to help me grow and cheer me on along the way. They have also given me the courage to begin attending co-ed events again by inviting me to one that they are hosting. I truly believe that the atmosphere of a networking event is about what kind of energy the host brings to it.

In conclusion, the most important thing I would like to share with you is to find your allies. These are the individuals who are there to support you, give you guidance, and most importantly without judgement. I know that I will be successful in my business because I have a group of allies that will be with me the whole way. So if you are looking to start your own business or already have your own business and trying to find out what to do next? Find your allies.

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