Organizing with Anxiety


Today I would like to share with you a little more about how I overcome my anxiety and stay organized in my day to day lifestyle. My lifestyle is very hectic and I am always on the go whether its running to a meeting with a client, teaching swim lessons, coaching a swim team, or making time to spend with friends or family. Struggling with anxiety can make this kind of lifestyle extremely challenging if you don’t know how to manage the triggers of your anxiety.

Struggling from anxiety is a life long battle, one way I have learned to cope and manage my anxiety is by learning what my triggers are. Through time I have found that my biggest trigger is stress from having clutter, whether the clutter is in my personal space or the communal space in my home. I live with two other roommates, a dog and a cat. Having this number of occupants with different lifestyles and ways of viewing clutter can be challenging to keep a space clutter free. When my space is disorganized it can turn me into an erratic mess of emotions. By learning how to identify my triggers and set a system in place of how to manage them I can reduce the amount of clutter, there for reducing the occurrence of anxiety attacks.

Here are a few tricks I use to stay organized with my anxiety.

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“Just because you have anxiety doesn’t mean you can’t be organized, it just means you have to prepare for it and learn how to manage it.”
— The Sanctuarian
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