Introduction to "The Sanctuarian"

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Today I would like to introduce myself and what led me to becoming “The Sanctuarian.”


My name is Jocelynn Flowers, I am the founder and owner of J. Flowers Organizing. I strive to provide my clients with solace and tranquility through the art of organization and decluttering. My passion for organizing started at a very young age watching my mother and grandmother around the house. They were always cleaning and rearranging different rooms of our house to make them function better. As I began to grow up I started to learn the benefits of having a space that is clean, organized and free of clutter. Being a small town girl from Michigan moving to the big city I had to learn that space is very limited in these New York City apartments. So I had to get creative, I had to learn how to store my belongings without creating clutter. I went through different stages of drawer systems, bins, baskets you name it until I finally found a system that worked for me. Going through this process personally sparked the interest of wanting to help others achieve a clutter free space as well.

Throughout the years I have studied different methods as well as received different certifications to allow myself to help my clients in the way that best suits their needs. I enjoy being able to transform a space for my clients into their very own sanctuary. I have begun learning about DoTerra Essential oils and there benefits for not only my clients but myself as well. I originally started using DoTerra Essential Oils personally to help with my anxiety and sleep issues. In using them for myself, seeing drastic results I wanted to learn more about them and how I could begin to share them with my clients so they can not only achieve a clutter free space but their very own sanctuary.

Thank you for joining me today and allowing me to introduce myself. For more information on J. Flowers Organizing and our services please visit


The Sanctuarian

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