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Here we are halfway through winter becoming stir crazy and tired of the cold winter weather. Well what better way to prepare for spring then by decluttering your home? I know I tend to do a major overhaul on my home once a year generally during the winter because I become bored being stuck inside with nothing to do. Today I would like to share with you the process I go through each winter during my decluttering spree.

  1. The first thing I do is make a list of every area of my home that I would like to tackle in the next week. I always make sure that my bedroom is the first area on that list and here is why.

    My bedroom is my sanctuary, the place where I can escape the stresses of work, family, friends and home life. If my bedroom is cluttered I have no where to go. I start with sorting through all of my clothes into 3 different categories KEEP, DONATE, TRASH. Items that end up in the trash category are generally stained or have holes in them and are in to poor of condition to donate. Items in the donate pile are usually items that just don’t fit anymore or never worn. That leaves me with only the items that I wear most often and truly love.

  2. Secondly I add one of the 3 common areas of my apartment living room, kitchen or bathroom. When tackling either of these items I have to keep in mind the needs of my two roommates as well. When you are thinking about decluttering your home when living with others you must find a common ground that works for everyone. There will always be some growing pains when deciding to change the flow of things but in the end everyone is able to adjust.

  3. When I am decluttering each of the areas above I make sure to take my time and thoroughly go through and throw out any expired items, add items I no longer use to the donate pile and organize the remaining items allowing them to be easily accessible but neatly in their designated space.

The most important thing to remember when you decide to declutter your space is to allow yourself enough time to do it efficiently and timely to your lifestyle. Not every space you decide to declutter is going to transform in one day. Trying to make that happen is only going to make you more frustrated when it doesn’t happen. Also, make sure you keep an open mind to the possibilities that will derive from the decluttering process. By removing clutter from your space you are creating a calmer, productive and beneficial space that will help you grow to new heights.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for next weeks post “Being a Female Business Owner in a Man’s World”.



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From a small town to the big city.

Lifestyle transition Small Town to the Big City..


Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share with you a major lifestyle change that I made just a few short years ago. On July 31, 2015 I made the decision to move from my hometown of Sturgis Michigan to New York City. Coming from a town of only 10,000 people to a city of millions was quite daunting. Thankfully I had landed a job before moving and was able to meet people quickly through work. The two biggest adjustments I had to make when moving here were learning public transportation and a smaller living space.

My first apartment in New York was quaint 400 square foot 1 bedroom with ample closet space. I had to learn quickly that I had to be creative with how to set up my space that created flow and functionality. I started off by storing items in rolling storage bins under my bed as well as seasonal items in totes on the shelves of my closets. I learned very quickly that I owned more items then I had space for. I then did a large downsizing of my items including clothes, shoes, accessories that I hardly ever wore. This not only created more space but also a calmer atmosphere.

Lets fast forward to the present. I now live in a very spacious 3 bedroom apartment in Harlem with 2 roommates. After living alone for 4 years it was a major adjustment moving into an apartment with 2 other individuals who both live different lifestyles. This next stage taught me how to make organizational systems that not only worked for myself but also the rest of the household. Now I had already started my professional organizing business J. Flowers Organizing a couple years ago which had given me the knowledge to take on this next part of my life.

If you ever feel like you need a change in life but not quite sure what that is, declutter your space. This will give you a whole new outlook on an organized way of living and the endless possibilities out there for you. By relieving the stress and clutter in your home or work space can lead to new opportunities you may have never thought before.

Have a wonderful week! :)


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Organizing with Anxiety


Today I would like to share with you a little more about how I overcome my anxiety and stay organized in my day to day lifestyle. My lifestyle is very hectic and I am always on the go whether its running to a meeting with a client, teaching swim lessons, coaching a swim team, or making time to spend with friends or family. Struggling with anxiety can make this kind of lifestyle extremely challenging if you don’t know how to manage the triggers of your anxiety.

Struggling from anxiety is a life long battle, one way I have learned to cope and manage my anxiety is by learning what my triggers are. Through time I have found that my biggest trigger is stress from having clutter, whether the clutter is in my personal space or the communal space in my home. I live with two other roommates, a dog and a cat. Having this number of occupants with different lifestyles and ways of viewing clutter can be challenging to keep a space clutter free. When my space is disorganized it can turn me into an erratic mess of emotions. By learning how to identify my triggers and set a system in place of how to manage them I can reduce the amount of clutter, there for reducing the occurrence of anxiety attacks.

Here are a few tricks I use to stay organized with my anxiety.

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“Just because you have anxiety doesn’t mean you can’t be organized, it just means you have to prepare for it and learn how to manage it.”
— The Sanctuarian
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Introduction to "The Sanctuarian"

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Today I would like to introduce myself and what led me to becoming “The Sanctuarian.”


My name is Jocelynn Flowers, I am the founder and owner of J. Flowers Organizing. I strive to provide my clients with solace and tranquility through the art of organization and decluttering. My passion for organizing started at a very young age watching my mother and grandmother around the house. They were always cleaning and rearranging different rooms of our house to make them function better. As I began to grow up I started to learn the benefits of having a space that is clean, organized and free of clutter. Being a small town girl from Michigan moving to the big city I had to learn that space is very limited in these New York City apartments. So I had to get creative, I had to learn how to store my belongings without creating clutter. I went through different stages of drawer systems, bins, baskets you name it until I finally found a system that worked for me. Going through this process personally sparked the interest of wanting to help others achieve a clutter free space as well.

Throughout the years I have studied different methods as well as received different certifications to allow myself to help my clients in the way that best suits their needs. I enjoy being able to transform a space for my clients into their very own sanctuary. I have begun learning about DoTerra Essential oils and there benefits for not only my clients but myself as well. I originally started using DoTerra Essential Oils personally to help with my anxiety and sleep issues. In using them for myself, seeing drastic results I wanted to learn more about them and how I could begin to share them with my clients so they can not only achieve a clutter free space but their very own sanctuary.

Thank you for joining me today and allowing me to introduce myself. For more information on J. Flowers Organizing and our services please visit


The Sanctuarian

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